SuperbNode Vs. Keyword Research Tools

Target your customers' entire search queries, not separate keywords

You could pay an SEO expert for keyword research. Or you could get precisely the content that your customers are searching for, ready and optimized.

Exceptional marketing for companies in these industries:

Get the content your customers need.

SuperbNode delivers precisely the content your customers search for, thus enabling you to skip the process of keyword research. The platform identifies your customers' search queries and helps content writers to create targeted content for our customers. The content is then uploaded to your Admin Panel, where you can approve it and publish directly to your website.

SuperbNode's admin panel

Keyword research is already included​

Keyword explorers provide endless lists of keywords, search volumes, and keyword difficulty scores — you need to analyze the reports and figure out which keywords to use, on which pages, and how.

SuperbNode performs large-scale keyword research and automatically incorporates the relevant keywords into your content, saving you time and ensuring your content ranks well on search engines

Identify your customers' exact search queries

You don't need to guess what topics your customers find interesting or what content might attract visitors to your website.

SuperbNode identifies precisely what your customers search for and provides content that answer their searches.

SEO is much more than just keywords

SuperbNode's content pages are continually being optimized for search engines

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Search queries

We publish content that is based on topics your customers search for and is therefore worthy of a high search results ranking

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We analyze keywords and incorporate relevant ones into your content to make sure it reaches your audience

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Content strategy

With SuperbNode you get an customer-centric content strategy, that helps expand your funnel and reach more customers

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SEO friendly URLs

Our platform automatically creates URLs that are short, contain relevant keywords, and describe the page's content

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Title tag

Our platform automatically generates title tags that include keywords to help users and search engines understand the subject of each page

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SERP performance

We use Google's Search Console to track, analyze, and improve your website's performance on Google

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Content optimization

We monitor the content that is published on your site through our platform to improve relevancy and performance

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Internal linking

As part of our on-page SEO activities, we link relevant content pages to help users navigate, establish information hierarchy, and spread ranking power

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Page speed

We optimize site load speed as it is one of the signals Google uses to rank your website, and it can also affect your indexation

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Alt text

We add a description to every image that is published via our platform, to help search engines to index images correctly

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Meta description

SuperbNode adds a description to each website page to help users understand what the page is about and improve CTR

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SuperbNode provides a text file that instructs search engine robots how to crawl your website's pages to ensure optimal results

Capitalize on emerging trends

Keyword explorers and keyword research tools can take weeks to identify new trends. It can then take even longer for SEO experts to incorporate trending keywords into your content.

SuperbNode identifies trending search queries as they occur and immediately incorporates them into the content that is published on your website and social networks.

You don't have to be an SEO pro to rank for the right keywords

Keyword research tools are designed for marketing experts — they provide professionals with complex reports that are difficult to understand and insights that are super hard to put into effect.

With SuperbNode, you just define who your customers are. The platform provides the entire content marketing process, from research to publishing and optimization.

Get the best keywords to rank high on Google

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